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OnlineCasinoSpot CA does not represent any website being a gambling one by nature. Therefore, we have nothing to do with any financial transactions performed in respect of the casino account or its balance used to make online bets or wagers.

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OnlineCasinoSpot CA does not guarantee that all data you can find on our website is absolutely reliable. We recommend that you should avoid spending your time reading carefully all sorts of information provided herein before making your choice. We admit the inability to confirm the accuracy of all the information provided since online gambling destinations can add new pieces of data as well as alter the existing policies, bonus offers, promos to look outstanding in the tough competition of the gambling market. Both this fact and a human factor oblige OnlineCasinoSpot CA to warn its customers that some information may turn out to be inaccurate. We have all the rights to make changes to the website data at our discretion. However, we are not responsible for informing our customers about these modifications. If you face any damages and have claims to the service policy of OnlineCasinoSpot CA, we strongly recommend to avoid visiting our website. We also bear neither obligations nor responsibility for paying any fees, costs involved, monetary punishment, or money losses.

OnlineCasinoSpot CA offers links to various online platforms to inform customers about extra details they might be interested in. You acknowledge that OnlineCasinoSpot CA has no possibility to ensure a 100% accuracy of the information provided on those platforms, and our site is not responsible directly or indirectly for the accuracy of information provided by them. It means that if you face any harm from dealing with those platforms, no claims against our platform will be accepted in any way.

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You probably know that all the details submitted by users by email, picture and video resources, participating in forum discussions, leaving comments, reviewing gambling sites and online slot machines will become our website property automatically. It makes OnlineCasinoSpot CA responsible for duplicating, interpreting, proofreading, publishing, and sharing these pieces of data without any obligations to pay credits for this activity. OnlineCasinoSpot CA also reserves the right to publish the name used upon data submission. We also can decide whether to use this name at all or add data without it.

Hereby you agree to bear any risk associated with using the information provided on the OnlineCasinoSpot CA website or external links posted there. We would like to remind you that gambling is a risky activity, so you should have a clear understanding of limits and act responsibly when being involved in it.

OnlineCasinoSpot CA does not recommend any gambling destinations that accept real-money bets to Canadian players and it does not provide access to any of them to the citizens of Canada. However, you can find several gambling platforms to play for free on our website and Canadian players can try different games there free of charge.

OnlineCasinoSpot CA has a lot of information about online casino slot machines and dares to recommend the best games to our customers. We also have partnerships with free-to-play online casinos to diversify player’s experience. However, you should ensure if it is legal to gamble online in the country of your residence and if you meet the minimum age requirements to access OnlineCasinoSpot CA too. It is you who will bear full responsibility for complying with all laws applicable to online gambling in the country, state, or city of your location.