Privacy Policy

The main idea of the document is to inform the player about everything related to the OnlineCasinoSpot CA services as well as about the conditions of use presented below.

OnlineCasinoSpot CA General Guidelines

  • OnlineCasinoSpot CA never saves its client’s data, irrespective of their actions on the website: either it is just browsing the homepage or watching each category of the site. (the only data saved is cookies, the customer can learn more about “cookies” in a separate section of the article dedicated to them).
  • We are not going to copy any other private data, except for those related to the customers’ experiences after visiting the website to improve it in the future. We can save your email address for updating you with news about any novelties on our site. If you prefer not to receive such letters, you may cancel the subscription by pressing the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of each letter. OnlineCasinoSpot CA can also track some information on your interactions with promos and games that you have played, including the data from our official sponsors and partners. We can also keep some identification data on OnlineCasinoSpot CA from some of our trading partners.
  • OnlineCasinoSpot CA will never use your data in online casinos or any other kinds of gambling resources without your direct permission.
  • In case our business will be acquired by a third party company, client data will be disclosed to a new owner.
  • The team of OnlineCasinoSpot CA does its best to protect the website from hackers and scammers. We undertake significant efforts to keep your information safe and confidential.
  • Only those aged 18+ can access our site and use our services.
  • Even though OnlineCasinoSpot CA provides links to some other websites, it does not mean that the Confidentiality Guidelines presented herein will stay in effect for those sites as well. We recommend you to read their Confidentiality Guidelines before using their services.


OnlineCasinoSpot CA can use cookies by adding them to the user’s PC or removing them. By “cookies” we mean a text document filled with characters that are saved on the device to provide a secure and faster connection with the website. OnlineCasinoSpot CA can use cookies to collect some details about the user and analyze them to supply more information on what the player is most interested in. We must say that websites you are visiting when following the links placed at OnlineCasinoSpot CA may also use cookies, so be sure to read their terms and conditions to learn more about how they are using them.

The reasons why OnlineCasinoSpot CA uses cookies include:

The cookies are used for getting statistical information on the website content. The OnlineCasinoSpot CA cookies provide information on how long users are willing to spend surfing the website, what pages they are most interested in, and what types of promos caught their attention.

Thanks to cookies, OnlineCasinoSpot CA can find more info on the website visits and estimate the total number of clients that visit the web-resource daily.

By analyzing cookies, our management team can get valuable info on what the client is most interested in and what he would like to see on the site. It makes our site more accessible and popular among a big number of online users daily.

As far as we know, the websites recommended by OnlineCasinoSpot CA download their cookies to your device. We strongly recommend reading their Confidentiality Guidelines to learn more information on how they use cookies on their side.

OnlineCasinoSpot CA can amend the Confidentiality Guidelines if they are outdated and mismatch what the website currently offers. We recommend reading our guidelines regularly to learn more about the latest updates.

If you feel uncomfortable with OnlineCasinoSpot CA cookies, you may always turn off this option in the browser settings. But if you allow us to use cookies, it will help us to improve your overall experience as a customer.